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Digital dental X-rays are similar to multiple other X-rays which you perform in any accidents and injury. The controlled radiation pulses create an image of the patient’s internal jaw and mouth structure. In dentistry, the dentist uses these images to search for evidence of bone and gum loss, tumors, cavities, and signs of periodontal disease. The dental exams include an X-ray that gives a comprehensive oral health picture. Through X-rays, you can recover from minor issues before they become larger. Dental X-rays are helpful for both children and other people. These images help to locate the roots when multiple orthodontics are needed.

List of dental X-rays we perform at our Clinic

Bitewing view

This type of X-ray is divided between the upper and lower portions of the jaw. It allows the dentist to check the evidence of bone loss and cavities in the crown portion. These X-rays usually take an image of the rear half of the upper and lower jaw structures.

Periapical view

This X-ray takes images of the lower area of teeth and their roots. These are used to study the root structures and look for pending issues. These X-rays can detect the source of nerve pain and the excessive or impacted teeth below the gum’s surface.

Occlusal view

This is not much X-ray view and is used to determine the bone structure of the upper and lower jaw of the patient. The X-ray helps to detect tumors and bone loss in patients.

How is an X-ray done by our experts?

Digital dental X-rays are done most comfortably. When asked to visit for the X-rays, you will be escorted into the other room and provided a lead shield that protects your body. We ask you to bite down on the film, which allows the X-ray machine to watch clearly inside the mouth. It doesn’t take much time to complete and doesn’t involve pain and discomfort. For more detailed knowledge, make a call to us now.

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