At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we have been serving the best-class dental care services. We use industry-leading technologies and

Let us brighten your smileDelivering excellent dental care to every patient!

Welcome to Smiles Plus Dental Care, where we believe a brighter smile is never out of style!

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“Welcome to Smiles Plus Dental Care, where we believe a brighter smile is never out of style!”

At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we provide excellent dental

care services. We use the latest equipment and technology for effective dental care.  Let us meet your dental needs by visiting our Woodbury clinic, which is located right off Woodbury Drive.

Experienced staff members, a modern office, and convenient appointments help to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

We customize all treatments based on your individual needs.

We follow an active approach to deliver excellent family dental care services. We aim to serve our patients with exactly the dental care they need!

Come see us soon for a dental consultation, and we’ll help you have the smile you have always dreamed of.


KFEGGM Metall dental fillings, Medically accurate 3D illustration


Dental fillings are artificial substances that cover the holes and gaps in the enamel of broken, damaged, and decayed teeth.

Dental Crowns

If you have damaged teeth, the dentist will recommend this procedure. Based on the individual oral situations, the crowns are designed.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help to improve the ability to eat, especially when you don’t have several teeth. It can also resolve speech-related issues.


Dentures are false teeth that are made to replace teeth you lost! It can be either complete or partial based on individual needs.

Cleaning & Hygiene

By following the right cleaning and hygiene methods by us, an individual can enjoy good oral health.

Tooth Extraction

We aim to keep your teeth shining for a lifetime, but we know that at certain times, the best remedy for dental pain is extraction.

Root Canals

A root canal is a treatment used to eliminate the inflamed or infected pulp on the inside of the tooth.


Veneers are used in dental procedures for coverings that fit over the front surfaces of teeth. This is a type of cosmetic dental care plan.

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