Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Are you feeling uncomfortable with your missing tooth? At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we offer top-notched solutions to this problem by introducing dental implant services. It is the most reliable way to renew your confidence level by replacing your tooth. A missing tooth can cause painful complications like bone deterioration or infection, as well as it can damage your overall oral health. Well, we will not let it happen. Choose us to get high-quality implants and the best dental care near you.

Choose Dental Implants at Smiles Plus Dental Care

The dental implant treatment process involves placing an artificial tooth that holds a prosthetic tooth. We ensure the replaced tooth will function effectively like your natural tooth. At Smiles Plus Dental Care, all our dental implants are specially designed with long-lasting and strong materials. We offer different types of dental implant offered at Smiles Plus Dental Care, such as a single tooth, all-on-4 Implants, multiple teeth, and immediate load implants.

Type of dental implant offered at Smiles Plus Dental Care

Single Tooth
We recommend going for a single-tooth implant based on your oral health needs. It basically involves one dental implant.
All-on-4 Implants
Our experts offer all-on-4 dental implant services that involve placing four dental implants on your jawbone to replace your teeth.
Multiple Teeth
If you have multiple missing teeth, then our experts also have a multiple teeth implant solution for you.
Immediate Load Implants
Our team offers teeth-in-a-day or same-day implants that place a temporary bridge or crown immediately after dental implant placement.

Benefits of dental implants

Our dental implant services can offer numerous benefits;
  • offer long-lasting stability for your tooth or gum
  • prevent periodontal disease
  •  improve the appearance of your smile
  •  Renews your confidence
  •  Aids in preserving your teeth’s strength and structure

Why do you require a dental implant?

You may need a dental implant to replace your missing teeth that are beautiful, durable, and represent your natural tooth structure. At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we offer dental implant services that can enhance your look and allow you to give a natural smile that boosts your confidence.

Our dental implant process

You are always welcome to our clinic for a consultation by simply booking the appointment. Our consultation process will involve expert examination and X-rays. After that, our dentist will take your dental impression to get you the best dental implant. We have an experienced team to assist you throughout the process in order to create a stable foundation for your tooth. Next, your new tooth will be fixed with your jawbone, and you can get a renewed smile on your face.

We ensure you get an efficient and stable solution for your missing tooth. Make a call now to book your consultation appointment.

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