Working on Children

Working on Children

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important for children. It should start at the earliest. Regular oral habits will prevent tooth decay, infection, and oral disease. Moreover, regular dental check-ups for kids is also important. At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we offer complete pediatric dental examinations to help parents beware of their children’s dental health and wellness.

Here’s why you should visit us for your child’s oral health

There are several good reasons to maintain your child’s oral health. Healthy teeth will serve different purposes during growth and development. At Smiles Plus Dental Care, the expert dentists in the field of pediatrics will help you understand your child’s oral health.

Benefits of healthy teeth in children;

  • Lets the child speak properly
  • Helps to chew food efficiently
  • Supports good digestion
  • Later results in healthy adult teeth
  • Boost confidence while speaking

If your child is facing any oral health issues like a painful jaw condition, tooth cavity, gum disease, etc., consult our pediatric dental team today.

We advise you to help your child brush their teeth

Once your child develops teeth, help them to brush their teeth.
  • You can stand with them in the mirror and teach them to hold the toothbrush. Let them understand to hold it with grip with proper control.
  • Give them a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Make sure you are using child-friendly toothpaste without harmful chemical composition.
  • Teach them to brush twice a day.

For more help, consult our dental team.

Visit us for your child’s dental examination

Get in touch with our pediatric service to move ahead with your child’s first dental examination. We will help your child prevent major oral problems. Our service includes;
  • Early decay inspection
  • Offers a fluoride varnish for teeth protection
  • Evaluates the jaw alignment
  • Prevent oral diseases

Consult our pediatric dental services to book your child’s first dental exam.

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