At Smiles Plus Dental Care, we use fillings to treat cavities and tooth decay. While an amalgram (metal) filling will fix the tooth, composite fillings will provide a more natural look to your tooth while treating the cavity and stopping further decay. A composite filling is custom matched to the color of your teeth and is made from a mixture of high quality plastic and quartz.

We use composite dental fillings to:

-Repair damaged teeth which may be chipped, broken or worn down.
-Reshape teeth by closing gaps.
-Protect teeth by filling in the cavity to prevent further decay.
-In some cases, a composite filling can be used as an alternative to a dental crown.

During your consultation, our highly trained team at Smiles Plus Dental Care will do an examination, take x-rays and go over all of the options with you to meet your individual needs. We start the filling process by carefully eliminating any bacteria and decay on the tooth. We will use specialized composite material and dental adhesive to fill in the spaces caused by dental decay. Then we will stabilize the filling with a composite bonding material.

What are the advantages of composite fillings?

The composite fillings look natural and offer various benefits that best suit the needs of patients.

Are composite fillings great?

We choose the color of composite filling material based on the teeth that restore the natural beauty of teeth and make them stronger.

What are the features of composite filling?

Composite fillings are necessary for protecting the teeth from debris that cavities are exposed to. Composite fillings are well-suited to use in front teeth and the visible parts. It gives you a more presentable look.

How do composite fillings work?

The composite bonding process applies the tooth-colored composite fillings materials on the tooth surface, then polished to give an ultimate natural appearance.

Can we use composite fillings instead of dental crowns?

Composite fillings are an affordable and convenient alternative to the dental crown. With this treatment, you can save time and money, especially when you don't need a full crown.

How much does the process cost?

The cost of composite filling varies on the following factors.
  •  How many teeth do you need to fill?
  •  What kind of tooth damage do you have?
  •  Which teeth need filling?

Our team works for you to understand each consideration and offer a reasonable budget-friendly

How to take care of composite fillings?

Here are a few tips to improve the lifespan of composite fillings.
  • Perform proper oral hygiene
  •  Avoid chewing hard substances
  •  Don’t use teeth to cut and open packages
  •  If you have tooth grinding, use a mouthguard
  •  Eat healthy foods
  •  Maintain healthy dental appointments

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